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Hi Friends

It is my wish on my fiftieth  year on this earth to go all out again and do what I can for Cancer patients that need support, having loved and lost a lovely woman and my dearest Mum to Cancer. So I have found two Great Cancer Organisations that do great work in helping and supporting in many ways for Free. The Think Pink Foundation here in Australia and Cancer Care West back in my native Ireland, these two organisations only survive on donations, so they can keep running year after year.

So I have decided to help, by taking up the challenge of cycling from Sydney to Melbourne to Adelaide to Perth a total of 4,000km in October during cancer awareness month. It is my wish from this day forward with all your kind help and support to help me raise as much money as possible to help these two Great Organisations. Both these organisations I know will be very grateful for any support you can give,

Many thanks,

Martin Howley.